2018 Academic Year Student Periodical health checkup.

The periodical health checkup is required to be taken by all students as prescribed in the School Health and Safety Act, with the aim of health maintenance and health promotion.

Students who have taken the periodical health checkup for this academic year are able to have a health checkup certificate issued to them. The certificate is effective until the end of the academic year, so please take a health checkup every year.

People who handle and experiment with items such as radiation or toxic substances are subject to special, health checkup so please be sure to take the proper examinations.

Students from the School of Medicine who possess the university faculty and staff member status are not subject to this health checkup . (For those students, please take the employee health checkup on and turn it in to the person in charge of the graduate school.)



From April 12, 2018 (Thurs) to April 27, 2018 (Fri). (Excluding weekends)

Examination days for women are 4/12 (Thurs), 4/18 (Wed), 4/23 (Mon) and 4/27(Fri). 4/27open only from9:30 to 11:30a.m.

Please make an appointment on a day you will not have your period.

Appointments can be made starting April 9 (Mon). (until April 27)  There is a limit to the number of appointments that can be made per day.

Appointments are made on a first come first served basis. Please make an appointment as soon as possible. In the latter half of scheduling, we expect difficulties securing appointments and crowding.

[ Items you need to bring with you ]

1. Student ID card
  Please confirm that the magnetic strip in your student ID card works before coming. In the situation where the magnetic strip is not working, we will not be able to check you in until it has been replaced. Replacing the magnet takes a long time, and you may not be able to take the examination.
    If you have lost your student ID card, get an enrollment certificate (Student number, Name) from your respective school administrative office and bring it to the health checkup .

2. Form for annual health checkup
    If you forget to bring the health checkup registration form (the form printed when making an appointment), we will not be able to check you in.

3. Urine Sample
    Urine sample (Please fill the sample container 8/10 of the way with urine immediately after waking up in the morning.)
    Please come to the reception after taking the urine sample.
    If you are having your period, do not take a urine sample and tell the reception.

4. Wear a T-shirt that is design free on both sides and plain (colors other than white are acceptable) to the examination. You may wear something over the T-shirt (if it is front opening).


Please avoid excessive drinking, excessive eating, and/or strenuous exercise on the day before the examination, as these may affect the results of the examination.
On the day of the examination, you are responsible for your own valuables. Dress lightly and bring the least amount of possessions possible. (Please avoid wearing a one piece dress, boots, accessories, etc.) Moreover, please make sure to put your hair up with a hair tie, etc. so that your hair does not hang down the shoulders during the chest x-ray examination.
Health Administration office respects LGBT people or sexual minority. If you are worried about group medical examination segregated by sex, please do not hesitate to come to our office or contact us by phone (052-789-3970) or E-mail (hokekan[at]htc.nagoya-u.ac.jp). We will reschedule for another day.

[ Notify of the result ]

For research students and those who are unable to use the "Certificate Issuing Machine", we will send the results of their health checkup in mid-May to the administrative office of your school or graduate school.

[ Regarding those who will take a health checkup off campus ]

Please turn in a copy of the results of your health checkup to the Health Administration Office. Students from the School of Medicine may turn in these forms to the student affairs section as well. Taking into consideration the necessity of taking health checkup at other medical institutions prior to the university's periodical health checkup for job hunting etc., it has been decided that the health checkup taken from January through December of this year will be considered to be valid.
However, in that case, the university is unable to issue a health checkup certificate or a medical certificate.
   (By turning in a copy of the health checkup , we will consider it as having taken this year's periodical health checkup .)


[ Reservation of WEB ]

Appointments can be made via computer or smartphone.
  1. After completion of entering necessary information, your appointment will be made.
  2. After an appointment has been made, please print the health checkup registration form.
   (Please print out in a A4 paper. We do not accept a photo.)
   ※Nagoya University ID and password are necessary for a reservation.

If you are a student advancing to the next year within Nagoya University, you are able to make an appointment through the system using a Nagoya University ID you already have.
However, if you do not have one, please make an appointment after receiving your student ID card. (Student ID card can be obtained from your affiliated school administrative office).
   ※Please promptly cancel and reschedule your appointment if you discover that you are unable to take an examination on your scheduled day.
   ※If you do not own a printer, you may print documents at a university designated location (Sub Laboratory).
If you are considering printing at a Sub Laboratory, please keep in mind that it might be crowded and you could potentially not make it in time of your appointment.
So be sure to finish printing the day before your appointment. For first year students, printing at the Liberal Arts and Sciences Main Building is convenient.




Medical Examination FAQ 1

Q. What will happen if I do not take the periodical health checkup ?
A. If you fail to take the examination, for activities that require a health certificate, such as receiving scholarship or job hunting, a medical certificate will not be able to be processed and printed from the certificate issuing machine. Following the health checkup , if any irregularities have been discovered, a reexamination or more detailed examination as well as being referred to an outside medical institution will occur. So be sure to undergo a health checkup for the sake of your own health.

Q. I am a working student. I have been taking a health checkup every year at a company. Do I still have to take a health checkup at the university too?
A. Please turn in a copy of your health checkup results from your workplace to the Health Administration Office in or after June.

Q. What if I made a mistake filling out my personal information when making an appointment??
A. Please consult with your affiliated school administrative office.

Q. Who needs to have a health checkup for special medical checkup?
A. Students who use hazardous materials in their experiments.

Q. If I was unable to take the health checkup during the scheduled time period, what should I do?
A. There will be no other make up dates. So if you need a medical certificate, please take a health checkup at an outside medical institution and receive the certificate. After completing the health checkup , please turn in a copy of your medical certificate to the Health Administration Office.

Q. What should I do if I am unable to take a health checkup due to illness or injury?
A. Please consult with the Health Administration Office beforehand at 052-789-3970. Contact: If prior to the health checkup period, call during 8:30~16:00. If during the health checkup period, call from 16:00~17:00.

Q. What should I do if I become ill or injured during the examination period?
A. During the examination period, it is not possible to have consultation with the Health Administration Office. Either contact the Health Care Room at the Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building (050-789-3520) or go directly to a nearby medical institution for consultation. The Health Care Room at the Liberal Arts and Sciences Main Building can refer you to a medical institution close to the university.

Q. I do not want to have x-ray test due to the exposure of x-ray examination due to the exposure of x-ray.
A. The risk of infection is high in your school life,so chest x-ray test is recommended.
    If you do not have the test, the final report will not be available. When you have the test, you will put on a protecter. 
   If you are pregnant, please tell the staff.

Q. I entered Nagoya University in October and took the x-ray examination during the fall health checkup . Do I have to take the x-ray again during the spring health checkup in April?
A. The school year start in April, student need to take an annual health checkup each school year.

Q. I lost the student ID card and I have applied for reissue. Can I take thehealth checkup?
A. Yes, if you bring the certificate of payment and reissue.

Q. I cannot download the health checkup registration form.
A. When you use a PC, Google Chrome may not work. The system accepts Internet Explorer and Firefox. Please try again using a PC with another OS.

Q. My Nagoya University ID is not accepted by the system. During CAS certification, the website page has gone dark or displays "It is taking time".
A. CAS certification system may not work temporarily. Please try again later or use a different PC.